Headphones and EndZones: The Beginning

The music I listen to makes my head nod.  The music I listen to makes me smile when I hear a clever verse. The music I listen to is not usually played on the radio.  The music I listen to gets turned up when played.  The music I listen to makes me hit replay every so often.  The music I listen to gives me inspiration. The music I listen to moves me.  The underground rap culture has seen a movement over the past five years.  Much of this change has come with the rise of blogs.  Blogs have given underground artists a way to channel their music, and receive immediate feedback from listeners and fans.  The other section of this blog will talk about sports. Sports create emotion.  Sports create conversation.  Sports create rivalries. Sports create heroes.  Sports create life lessons. Sports create unity. If you like underground rap, chances are you really like sports too. deadspin.com is a great site for this. I’ll be posting my perspective and thoughts on sports as well as underground hip-hop.  I’ve been keeping up with hip-hop on a daily basis for about 7 years now. I’ve been keeping up with the MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, NHL and other professional sports since I could read the newspaper.  I was born in Minnesota, but moved to Texas at a very young age.  My team loyalty lies with the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks (NBA CHAMPS), Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Stars, Arizona State Sun Devils, and the Texas Longhorns.   This blog will open your eyes up to music I feel is moving and worth listening to, while also providing an environment to discuss and read about important issues in sports.

Now Playing: Job – Curren$y

Curren$y is my favorite rapper, this song is off his new mixtape Verde Terrace which you can download and listen to by clicking on the picture.

3 thoughts on “Headphones and EndZones: The Beginning

  1. Catchy heading! I think it’s a great idea you combined your two passions together. I love underground rap, hotnewhiphop is my favorite! I tried to click on the deadspin.com link and it doesn’t work 😦 maybe this link does: http://deadspin.com/

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